Friday, 9 January 2015

A Checklist Before buying a Used Domain

Whether it is a .com or dot anything, you need to be sure that the domain you are paying a lot of money in is safe and worth every penny you are putting in it.

Buying a used domain is like buying an expensive used car, it may look fancy but you don't know what is under the hood. So, you need to check everything, get a report, and be comfortable knowing that the domain you are driving won't run into an accident in the future because you did not spend one hour doing some check-ups.

The following 14 points is my checklist, you can use it as is, or add more to it if you like:

  1. site: search on the domain name in Google, Bing
  2. info: Search
  3. Google the domain name and check reputation
  4. Keyword search volume, and competition (AdWords KW Planner)
  5. Check the Domain age
  6. Check the way back machine at
  7. Check robots.txt file and see if is disabled
  8. Check Backlinks quantity and quality
  9. Check domain and IP health and if it is blacklisted
  10. Check domain and IP health on
  11. Check if blacklisted:
  12. see if the Domain or IP is currently listed in the live Spamhaus Domain Blocklist (DBL)
  13. check if it is on DMOZ or Yahoo Dir
  14. Find contact info on If not private, run a search on the contact person