Thursday, 21 March 2013

How to Write a Blog and Also Get it Read! with an Exciting Infographic

Do you know that Shakespeare's Literature became that popular only after 100 years of his death?

Remember that when you write, blog, or even edit any piece of content.

yes i know that CONTENT is THE KING. But a king without subjects and servants worth nothing.
That's why, your content NEEDS to be served well to be treated as a king, assumingly it is a good content of course.

First: Create a Content Creation Strategy for Best Possible SEO:

  1. Strive For Originality and be unique in ideas, style, point of view, etc.
  2. Create Keepers! Your content needs to be served well to worth sharing, bookmarked and even referenced to. 
  3. Present it right, with headings, photos, and videos.and try not to make it too long or too short. 
  4. Create Authority by adding a rel=author snippet to your posts linking to your Google plus Account 

Second: Write What People Want to Read

  • Search Meter is a WordPress plug-in that records all the search terms your visitors are using.  These are all of the queries that people search for with your site’s internal search bar. If you already have  content that people are searching for then make it more visible on your blog e.g. link to it more internally.

  • SEO Search Terms Tagging 2 is yet another way to discover search terms being used to reach your blog.  Once again, it’s useful to have numerous sources of data. The plugin will also add a list of the 10 most recent searches that landed visitors on your site at the end of each post.  I recommend disabling this part of the plugin.  Because a lot of people do NOT disable this part of the plugin, we can use the footprint. A lot of people who allow the plugin to show the most recent search terms sending them traffic leave the default title that appears above the keywords.  This title is “Incoming search terms”. You can use this search string to find more long-tail keywords:

“Incoming search terms” Your Keyword
When you use this footprint along with your keyword you will find blog posts that got traffic with your keyword or similar keywords.  This will help you find yet more ideas for new posts not to mention additional phrases to include and optimize your post with.

  • Using Google Analyics you can see the search terms that are sending people to your site and how much each term is sending. Did you Know: The search volume in Google’s keyword tool is usually wrong.  I have found Google to over-report search volume by up to 75%.  Are you willing to trust Google enough to pursue a keyword that will only deliver 25% of the traffic promised? (You can useSEMRush for free to get different search volume data, and if you have the $, I’ve heard good things about WordTrackerMy point: Instead of trusting it, rely on real data that you are getting.

  • Use Tynt! It’s main functionality is that it turns people who copy and paste your content into link builders.  It does this by automatically adding a link to the pasted content and a short, customizable attribution text.  Tynt gives you a list of queries that sent search engine users to your site.  There are a lot fewer terms, but it helps to get more variation and another source of data. More importantly though, Tynt also shows you keywords that visitors are using to leave your site. 

  • So what People want? what people are Searching for? Use Ubersuggest and it will automatically extract Google Suggest terms for you. Another tool called Soovle.  It’s a lot like Ubersuggest except it also checks the top ten suggest phrases for Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Google, Wikipedia, and Take these question-like keywords and enter them one-at-a-time into, a search engine for forums. By entering in these queries you can find people discussing these same questions. This will provide further insight into the kind of information people are looking for and will give you many new ideas for blog posts as well.  Also, you can always join the forums and link to a post after you write it for some quick traffic. Topsy is a social search engine. You can use it to find more instances of people Tweeting and discussing your search terms gathered from Ubersuggest. Using Topsy will provide you with a whole host of new, relevant sources of content. Besides helping you better understand what info people are looking for, you may also find some relevant pages to drop a link with a comment or other link building opportunities.

Third: Blog Post Writing Checklist