Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Page Load Speed and Google Algorithms

On April 9th, 2010, page load speed officially became a part of the Google search ranking algorithm. For usability reasons, best practices dictate that a web page should load within 1-2 seconds on a typical DSL connection. However, according to Google Webmaster Tools data a load time of 1.4 seconds is the threshold between a fast page and a slow page. That means, ideally, that every page on your website should load in 1.4 seconds or less, to receive the maximum SEO benefit for fast loading pages.

Google gathers page load time data through actual user experience data collected with the Google search toolbar, and may also be combining that with data collected as Google crawls a website. As such, page load speed in terms of the ranking algorithm is being measured using the total load time for a page, exactly as a user would experience it.

One of the best resources for tips and tricks for lowering page load speed is Yahoo Performance Rules, and one of the best tools for testing your site is Pingdom Tools

Unless you have Google Webmaster Tools configured, in which case that is the best possible source of page load speed data".

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