Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Local Business Schema and Geotag Rich snippet Semantic Markup

by Mina Younan

If you have a Local Business (either a store, a barbershop, a private clinic, or a Kung fu School), it is for sure that you want to have it listed on the SERP as a Local buisness for Local inquirers, with your phone number, address, and your location pinpointed on a map, Don't  you?

local listing schema microformat

Doing So is very simple. but first you need to make sure that your business is well established by having a permanent address and phone number. Then apply the  Semantic Markup rich snippet Microformat (or schema) provides a few different types of semantic markup that I’ll be listing in this article, and the prime one is for describing local businesses. Essentially, you can use this to markup your address and contact information on your site, although there are additional fields you can include such as hours of operation, payment types accepted, and more.

You can also geotag your location (or “Place” in lingo) by including your geocoordinates with your LocalBusiness code. As I’ve noted before, if you’ve been using hCard Microformat for this purpose, you can continue to do so, although Schema markup has become more preferred.

There are many ways to create a schema for your page:
either use the official website and find the relevant business to yours, or use other tools like:, or, or many others. 

The final code will look something like that  

schema local listing microformat rich snippet

IMPORTANT: Each time you insert semantic markup, be sure to check it using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool