Saturday, 11 August 2012

What Google Does Not want you to Know

         by Mina Adly Younan
·         When Creating your Billing Account try to choose the currency with least valued unit like the Vietnamese Dong (1USD =20800 VND), or the Indonesian Rupiah (9500 IDR = 1USD) or even the Japanese Yen to save more money when bidding for very long tail keywords where there is low or zero competition. Because the minimum CPC is 0.01 of whatever currency you use. So 0.01 of USD is 20000 times more than 0.01 VND or even 200 times more than a 1 VND. Of course there is the Iranian Rial (25000 IRR for 1 USD) and the Somalia Shilling (22000 SOS) but they do not work on Adwords. 

·        Use the Broad Match Modifier KW matching type in specific adgroups; this AdWords targeting feature helps creating keywords that reach more people than phrase match and gives more control than broad match. 

·         Consistency of naming the adgroups, the Accounts, and the Campaign with the Ad text
·         As a media buyer you should check your Placements thoroughly because many of your ads appear on pages that are either poor, or irrelevant, or the ad locations are not attracting visitors sight.  

·         Trying to use higher levels of adwords accounts as possible will grant you a higher Quality Score. So instead of making on MCC, 2 Accounts (one for English and one for French), 4 Campaigns, 8 Adgoroups, why not having 2 MCC one for English and The other for French, with 8 Accounts for your 8 Ad groups, with 8 Campaigns, and 16 or even 8 Adgroups. The more you play with the masters, the more Google respects you (of course that will help you in the consistency of naming as you will be using the same name thread for the Account, Campaign, Ad Group but with little additions. 

·         Use long-tail Keywords (they are cheaper, and more relevant)

            Defining your USPs Unique Selling Propositions (sales, guarantee, Free stuff, Free delivery, etc.) and add a call to action (Buy now!) 

·         Create a refined list of negative keywords through Brainstorming, KW tool, and from the Keywords > Keyword Details > Search terms (After Keeping the Campaign running for a week or two, to know which irrelevant (negative) KWs triggered your ad then you can add them to your negative KW list. 

      Sitelinks add value to your existing AdWords ads by providing additional links to specific, relevant content deeper within your sitemap. Rather than sending all users to the same landing page, ad sitelinks display up to six additional destination URLs for users to choose from. Notice that there are also sitelinks for webmaster tools besides that you create through Adwords. 

      When Creating a Display Advertising Campaign, try to customize your ad creatives to all possible ad formats to make sure your ad will suite any available ad location on your desired Placements.